Professional Magician and FundRaising Specialist

Dear Principal and/or PTO President,

I am the parent of an elementary school child. And as a parent like you, I want our schools to be the best they can be…so our children can receive the best education possible in their formative years.

Quite frankly however that takes money. The economy is on everyone’s minds, and at a time when state aid to local school districts leaves schools looking for ways to raise more funds, we have reason for concern.

But let me show you how I can help….

Hello, my name is Alan Kazam. I am a Full-Time Children’s Entertainer who has created Dynamic Family Magic Shows that are designed to turn incredible family fun into hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your school’s needs!

You can also get Results like this

“Alan was AMAZING! He captivated our students, and they talked very highly of the show even days afterwards. His show is truly captivating, fun, entertaining and magical!.”
Heidi Pryor, Thornapple Kellogg Schools
“Our Students were in awe during Alan’s performance. The audience participation was definitely one of the highlights. We will most definitely have Alan razzle-dazzle our students again!”
Mary Puckett, Principal; Paw Paw Later Elementary School
“You are the best Magician EVER!!”
Marissa, Aged 8

It’s Really Simple Math…

By Combing Two Things that KIDS LOVE
(Magic and Ice Cream), You Have a
That Raises BIG $$$
For Your School’s Needs!
The Easiest Fundraiser You’ll
Ever Be Involved With!…

Your kids don’t have to sell anything door to door. No wrapping paper or candy sales. No more catalogs of stuff nobody wants, but feel obligated to buy. No inventories to keep track of, orders to separate, returns to handle..etc, etc, etc!!!

“No Hassles…Just a fun night out
with the family that everyone
will thank you for!”

You’ll know you made the correct decision to include my Family Comedy Magic Show as part of your fund-raising plans when you hear the laughter and see all the smiles on the faces of your students and their families. They will actually THANK YOU for putting this together! And you’ll be stunned as you count just how much money you raise for your school from this incredibly fun and e-a-s-y fund-raising program!

“Comstock Families were so happy we gave them such a fun and inexpensive night out, all while raising funds for our school. Alan was very easy to work with and his show was GREAT! On a cold Friday night in January we PACKED THE HOUSE!!!”
Heather Yankovich, Principal; Comstock North Elementary
OK Alan, everything sounds incredible!
Now how does it work?!?

Simply put, your school will be having a…

Magic Show/Ice Cream Social
Family Fun Night!!!

Once we decide on a date to bring my Family-Fun Comedy and Magic Show to your school, I go to work to make it a success. I supply everything you need to ensure a successful fundraising event. Posters for advertising the big day!

Posters for advertising the big day!

A Flyer Template for the children
to take home to their parents!

A surprise visit to the school, where I tell the children I
will float one of them 3 feet in mid air!!!

“I was selected to come onstage and let Alan Kazam float me in mid air. It felt like I was flying! My mom couldn’t believe what she saw! It was AWESOME!!”
Selena Alverado, 4th Grade Student; Comstock East Elementary

Can you see how this has such GREAT potential to be an amazing-ly successful Fundraiser?!! As I mentioned before, there is NO RISK and no out-of-pocket expenses either. We simply split the ticket sales after the event. If you have approximately 300 students, let’s just say conservatively we sell 250 tickets (of course we would likely sell more when you factor in parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc.) Well that’s a WHOPPING $750 you just raised for your school. In one night! And everyone had a BLAST!!!

How Do I Bring This Family Fun Night to My School?

Simply pick up the phone and call me at (269) 615-2661. We can discuss your event in detail. Please call me with ANY questions you have! In fact, I’d really appreciate hearing from you just to tell me what you think. I’m not going to try and “sell” you, so you can relax…no pressure…I’m here to answer your questions and, more importantly, help you make this a HUGELY Successful Fundraiser so your school can raise a TON of money!

Satisfied Clients include:

Comstock Schools, Kalamazoo Public Schools, Plainwell Schools, Paw Paw Schools, Marcellus Schools, Bloomingdale Schools, Gobles Schools, Thornapple Kellogg Schools, Jackson Public Schools, Dewitt Schools, Leroy Schools, Plymouth Schools, Hartford Schools, Coloma Schools, Mattawan Consolidsated Schools, Galeburg-Augusta Schools, Portage Public Schools, Vicksburg Schools, Dearborn Heights, Allegan Schools, Rockford Schools, Columbus Schools, Elizabethtown Schools,,….and many more!!!
Red Ribbon Week, "Count" Day, …these are just a couple of reasons Alan Kazam’s program would be the perfect choice for your school!