Discover The Magic Of RESPECT With A Visit From  
  A Former Bullying Victim  


My name is Alan Kazam and I am a Professional Magician. I am also a former bullying victim. Growing up as a kid, I never wanted to go to school because of the way I was treated each and every day. I was picked on, pushed around, beaten up and called names. All of this happened while I was in elementary school.

The reason I am sending you this letter is because I have some shocking news to share with you…I urge you not to throw this letter away!

Fact: It’s estimated that nearly 30% -- or 5.7 million children -- are involved in bullying, as victims, perpetrators, or both. Studies have found that 15 to 25% of students in the U.S. are bullied, and 15 to 20% bully others. This happens at school, over the internet and even through text messaging. This is an epidemic and is most likely happening at YOUR school every single day!

To make the problem worse, most kids never tell anyone what is going on. Instead, they live in fear of going to school, just as I did. This results in poor grades, low self-esteem and often times a poor outlook on life.

As a school educator, I am sure that you are concerned! The question is, "What can you do to help make your school safe and learning fun for EVERY student?"

As a past bullying victim and parent myself, I decided it was time to take action. I wanted to do my part to educate students on just how important the topic of bullying is.

Getting children to treat everyone equally these days can be tough! In a world filled with negative images and thoughts, it can be very difficult for children to be friends to others around them day in and day out. Students can often be picked on because of the color of their skin, the kind of house they live in, what they wear, how much they weigh, who they hang out…the list is endless.

This past summer I wrote and designed a very unique program entitled, "Buddies Not Bullies" to emphasize the “MAGIC” inside all of us. Your school now has the opportunity to host this important program… if you’ll keep reading this letter!

My program is designed to get your students thinking and to change their daily behavior patterns. They will laugh as they learn! They will be moved as they hear my personal story of the trials that I went through growing up and having to deal with bullies every day. Most important, they will learn how to treat EVERYONE with RESPECT and the secret to why TEAMWORK works!

  Kids sit attentive and involved watching a recent  
  Alan Kazam performance!  

AMAZING MAGIC TRICKS : I use a variety of magic tricks to capture and keep the attention of your students. These tricks all have a special part in the program and they are used to tie in the message and to reinforce the learning process.

AGE APPROPRIATE HUMOR : Students will laugh as they learn.Laughter is a sure fire way to insure success and get your students interested in the important lesson that is being presented in front of them. I use a ton of side splitting humor to keep the audience laughing and having a great time.

JOIN-IN-FUN : Rather than simply having to "sit and watch" my program, several students from the audience get to come up and help me during the program.

ENGAGING STORYTELLING : Students will discover how a roll of toilet paper can stop bullying right away. This is funny stuff with a serious message!

Your students will love the entertainment…

Your staff will love the educational value…

YOU will love the response!!!

“I saw a gym full of kids laugh, scream, yell and cheer at his show. Alan Kazam uses age appropriate humor, as well as really cool magic tricks, to delight his young audience.” - Kelle Barr, Kalamazoo Gazette

Satisfied Clients include:

Comstock Schools, Kalamazoo Public Schools, Plainwell Schools, Paw Paw Schools, Marcellus Schools, Bloomingdale Schools, Gobles Schools, Thornapple Kellogg Schools, Jackson Public Schools, Dewitt Schools, Leroy Schools, Plymouth Schools, Hartford Schools, Coloma Schools, Mattawan Consolidsated Schools, Galeburg-Augusta Schools, Portage Public Schools, Vicksburg Schools, Dearborn Heights, Allegan Schools, Rockford Schools, Columbus Schools, Elizabethtown Schools,,….and many more!!!
Red Ribbon Week, "Count" Day, …these are just a couple of reasons Alan Kazam’s program would be the perfect choice for your school!